Radical by David Platt

Posted: February 10, 2011 in theological reflection

I remember reading a book entitled, Burn This Book. It struck me as a usual title for a literary work. Well David Platt has written a book that for the weak hearted they should burn this book or not attempt to digest. He has his gospel, sniper scope centered aimed at the character of God and he does not miss. He is adamant about his premise, he lays it out scholarly and practically for the reader to wrestle through. He states, “We have missed what was radical about our faith and replaced it with what was comfortable.”

Platt makes this self discovery surprisely while being in the midst of a church that is nothing like what he is detailing in this book. This causes him to re-shift his thinking and actions as a pastor. To see him engage this truth is something of a cataclysmic nature. He writes with passion because he lives with the same passion. He writes with intentionality because he was so challenged to live a life that was synchronized or reflective of Christ.

 His prophetic core is on display as he encounters the frightening (his own words) dispositions toward the poor. He writes words that unsettle the reader but challenges them to live out the true intent of the Gospel in all phases. He elegantly states that “caring for the poor is evidence of our salvation.” I am not sure if you can get more reflective than that in a book.

Simply put Platt has written a book that has the potential to reveal the heart of a church, community or the sole believer. It is a try at your own risk type of adventure that will forever change the lives of those who chose to partake. This is a high definition look and example of what the church should resemble in this postmodern era that we live within.


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